Just exited and been delivered from a 10 month, narcissistic relationship God said He has healed me. I need continual prayer to not fall back in it, to avoid entering into any unhealthy relationship and to know and exercise healthy, strong boundaries and choices and life decisions across the board of my life. Also, to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to stand\/walk in His power for deliverance, breakthroughs, victory, kingdom marriage, lauch, grow and maintain a successful businesses, financial independence (debt free), homeownership, reconnecting to my calling, stay focused, avoid distractions, wisdom, knowledge and understanding, spiritual discernment, destiny helpers and ALL that God knows that I need that I didn't mention and I thank you in advance Lord for hearing and answering my prayer and intervening in all my trials, pains, circumstances, joys, my life, even moment by moment. ALL praise, honor, glory is yours and my adoration belongs to you Father God Almighty. Amen.<\/p>