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Think about all the places you might go during your job search. Chances are you’ll be driving around your city and the surrounding areas a good bit. Why not spend your travel time praying for the entire area and releasing God’s hand over it? Every workplace you enter could use a blessing too, couldn’t it? Bless the business leaders and ask for wisdom for them. Bless all the workers you see, that they might come to know the Lord and grow strong in their faith and love. See yourself as a Kingdom employee on assignment as a “blessing giver” right now. Your prayers will produce results that are desperately needed in the workplace. Will you accept this assignment?


  • I am on assignment for the Lord and I bring blessings wherever I go.
  • By faith I receive guidance from the Holy Spirit to know how and when to pray for the workplace.
  • I know my prayers will produce results.


Word of the Day


When you enter the home, give it your blessing.

Matthew 10:12

By Barb Rarden, Employed for Life

Prayer Network

Dawn (0) - 05/24 Pray

PLEASE I AM ASKING FOR PRAYER FOR a job and healing for my feet thank you

Larry (0) - 05/24 Pray

Please pray for direction.

Larry (2) - 05/24 Pray

Please lift us up in prayer for God's Will and Provision for our job search efforts. Our severance pay ends this month.

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