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Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
Sunbelt Rentals
Centennial, CO
Avenue5 Residential, LLC
Beaverton, OR
Robinson Construction
American Falls, ID
McGuire and Hester
Alameda, CA
Teasdale Latin Foods
Louisville, KY
Faith Healthcare Center
Florence, SC
Gallo Mechanical
Pensacola, FL
North Shore Healthcare
Stevens Point, WI

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Hope For The Heart
Plano, TX
Guide Stone
Dallas, TX
Guide Stone
Dallas, TX

Career Tip of the Day


When you put your challenges up against what God has done to keep this planet in orbit and sustaining life, they shrink to insignificance. When you think about the complexity of your problems compared to the structure of one living cell, you'll be persuaded again that nothing is too hard for your God! This is the very One who loved you enough to give His life for you, so know that He will not leave you unemployed or without provision. His promises will always be good and He will always care for you. As you put all your faith in Him your confidence will abound. Count on it!


  • I am confident that God is able to handle all the challenges that confront me.
  • By faith I believe that God desires abundant life and prosperity for me and I open myself to receive it.
  • I thank God that my confidence is in His mighty power and perfect love and not in my own abilities.

Word of the Day

Doesn’t your reverence for God give you confidence? Doesn’t your life of integrity give you hope?

Job 4:6

By Barb Palmer, Employed for Life

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Prayer Network

Sherrie (0) - 09/23/2023

Please pray for Jerrod and Magnus. They need help. Thank you.

KaShari (1) - 09/21/2023

Prayers please for my Big sister. Shes having trouble with her faith and her body image and other adult issues. i fear for her falling away from the faith. she struggles with reading the bible on a…

Lynda Baker (1) - 09/21/2023

I would like a job to support my family. I\'m having trouble keeping the faith and preparing. So many rejections. I\'m 61 and believe I may be the looked over because I\'m not young and cute anymore.…

Haley (2) - 09/20/2023

I pray for changed hearts of many! I pray to stay on the right path away from drugs and prison. I pray for housing to go through and be near college. I also pray to find somewhere that helps do dental…

Shannon (2) - 09/20/2023

I start a new job on October 2nd. Please pray God uses me to minister to others and that I am able to live in Gods confidence